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Norel Anti Redness Nourishing Cream For Couperose Skin 50ml

Norel Anti Redness Nourishing Cream For Couperose Skin 50ml

Cream with a rich, velvety texture for dry, couperose and rosacea skin.

The cream soothes, calms the skin, making redness less intense and prevents the formation of telangiectasia, the so-called "Spider veins".

When used regularly, it reduces the intensity of skin redness and the incidence of flushing due to temperature, emotions or hot food.

The nourishing formula slightly oils, softens and smooths the epidermis, soothes the feeling of tightness and tightening of the skin.

The cream regenerates and soothes irritated, overactive skin and protects it against the adverse effects of weather conditions, such as wind, frost.

Active Ingredients:

Patented Redyless®, Helichrysum hydrolate, Pronalen Aesculus (horse chestnut extract standardized for escin content), hyaluronic acid, urea, tocotrienols, squalane, Helichrysum oils, flax, panthenol, allantoin.


In the evening and / or in the morning, apply to the face and gently pat.

Capacity: 50ml

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