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Norel Multi Vitamin Illuminating Cleansing Tonic 200ml

Norel Multi Vitamin Illuminating Cleansing Tonic 200ml

Norel Professional Multi Vitamin Illuminating Cleansing Alcohol-free Tonic with a pleasant, fruity scent for all types of complexions, especially dry, tired and dull.


Capacity: 200ml


Treatment for tired, hypoxic complexions. Excellent after sunbathing and for smokers.

Deeply moisturises, regenerates and provides the skin with the highest antioxidant protection, prevents photo-aging. Refreshes, oxygenates and improves skin colour.

Multivitamin is a real „vitamin bomb” containing up to 8 vitamins (retinol, B3, B6, C, E, F, H, pro-vitamin B5), coenzyme Q10 and extracts of citrus fruits.

In addition, formulas based on liquid crystal technology leaves the skin soft and remarkably silky.



Rovisome®ACE Plus (liposomes with retinol, vitamin C and tocopherol), 5% lactic acid,  lime extract, panthenol.



• perfectly cleanses the skin of impurities

• brightens and smooths gray, rough skin

• active ingredients brighten and protect against photoaging

• gives the skin a healthy glow and smoothness.


Treatment Suggestions

  • for all types of skin exposed to accelerated ageing – skin with excessive UV exposure (sun, solarium), smoker’s skin or living in bigger agglomerations. 
  • complexions that are dry, damaged, in need of strong regeneration and rejuvenation
  • hypoxic, tired, matt complexions with unhealthy color
  • couperose skin


Treatment Results

  • nourishment, regeneration and protection of the skin that require the strengthening of the corrective mechanisms of the skin
  • reduced of dryness, tension and flaking -  relief and comfort
  • improved tension and flexibility as well shallower superficial wrinkles
  • oxygenated, refreshed and improved  skin color 
  • provides the complexion with  energy, vitality and brilliance
  • velvety smooth, soft, refreshed and pleasantly scented skin


Treatment Frequency

As a series of 6 treatments, two  treatments per week. Afterwards to uphold the effect 1-2 times per month.

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